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Here’s my three little coasters for the “2nd Annual Coaster Show” at La Luz de Jesus Gallery opening tomorrow! ❤

New piece for the Corey Helford Gallery (Circa Gallery) “Art Collector Starter Kit II” show opening this weekend!

"Moths Spinning in Her Eyes"
Oil and Watercolor Mixed Media on Lasercut Panel
Redd Walitzki 2014, Sold


Cecropia moth caterpillars!

I’ve been raising these little guys this summer & taking photos through their various stages - its amazing to be able to watch them transform right before your eyes. Cecropia is North America’s largest silk moth (in the Saturniidae family), and I can’t wait until they emerge from their cocoons!

(Source: Flickr / candygears)


Redd Walitzki’s “When We Break.”

Opening this Thursday, June 5th at Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle, Washington is Redd Walitzki’s solo show, “When We Break.”  The mixed media paintings on laser cut panels depict ideas sparked from indie band Neutral Milk Hotel’s lyrics.  The resulting ideas have become visual metaphors for a sort of “sand slipping through fingers” belief that we are unable to hold onto others existence or completely ascertain our own place in the universe.

The pieces are created through a labor intensive process that involves photographing models for reference, sketching them in watercolor, transferring them to digital forms, printing them out and affixing them to laser cut panels and lastly, finishing the piece with oil paints.  You can see more below:

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Huge thank you to supersonicart for sharing the work from my new solo show at Roq la Rue! Its been a long couple of months to get here, and its so magical to finally get to share it all! You can see all the work (and which ones are still available) through Roq la Rue Gallery


After getting to know german-born Seattlite artist Redd Walitzki already last year, I finally made it into her local Wonderland studio, “X17”, which she set up and shares with fellow artist Carl Faulkner.

Walitzki just finished a series of paintings for her upcoming solo show this week at Roq la Rue, which I’ll sadly miss out on because of my flight back to Vienna. She explained her work process and the thoughts and emotions behind it in detail, as well as elaborating how to continue expanding beyond her comfort zone. Also, Walitzki showed some of the work that goes into her final paintigs - amazing material that has a strong auratic dimension by itself, yet isn’t shown publicly. Pieces that, who knows, could eventually surpass her established work’s strength.

Although originally working in watercolor and oil, she began developing a formal language that might eventually be even stronger than what has become her figurative canon. Walitzki is experimenting with a wide array of materials that one wouldn’t expect when only knowing her published work, which stand equally in quality and thought - making me rather curious about her work’s next evolutionary steps.

Austrian artist Christian Bazant-Hegemark came by for a studio visit, and shared his observations of my work and process. A lovely glimpse behind the scenes! He’s one of the most engaging and thoughtful artists I’ve come across in a long time, and his tumblr is full of inspiration and thoughts on art-making so give it a look! ♥

Some progress views of how this monster piece is coming along (its a huge 44”x48” panel!) For my upcoming solo “When We Break” at Roq la Rue Gallery in Seattle. If you want to be the first to see the new pieces, remember to sign up for the Collector’s Preview!

I’ve had some help from my trusty assistant Momo (she’s my Brazilian Short Tailed Opossum).

Strange things happening in the studio… I can’t wait till June, when I can finally show you what I’ve been working on at my Roq la Rue solo show ♥

New process video! “Wet on Dry Watercolor Techniques”